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STEPS - steps to transforming evaluation practice for social change
An easy to use resource for program planning, monitoring and evaluation.
STEPS integrates M&E Principles with Rights-Based Social Justice Programming Principles.

What is it?

STEPS is a program planning, monitoring, and evaluation toolkit

STEPS is a resource that applies a rights-based social justice perspective to program development and evaluation

Is it for you?

Are you working to affect complex social and health problems, especially in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

Do you want to make your work more effective and accountable to the communities you serve?

Are you thinking about ways to deepen and expand your work?

Do you want to know what impact your work is having?

How is it helpful?

It helps make the program process a continual cycle of learning, improvement, and accountability

It helps you develop and evaluate rights-based social justice interventions

It helps you clarify the purpose of your work

It helps you create a truly participatory program process

It helps you break down complex goals such as women's empowerment and gender equality into locally meaningful components that can serve as the basis for programming and evaluation

It helps you conduct participatory, low-cost self-assessments of your work

It helps you learn how to use a causal pathway and a logical framework in a flexible and useful way

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STEPS Update

Workshop. International Conference on Family Planning: Research and Best Practices. November 18, 2009. Kampala, Uganda.

Exhibit. American Public Health Association. November 7-11, 2009. Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Workshop. Margaret Sanger Center International at Planned Parenthood of New York City. October 22-23, 27-28, 2009. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


For more information: ppnyc@stepstoolkit.org